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Jason Table Forks 4 Pc. Set
Mesa Marble Wood Cutting Board
Jason Ridge Cheese Knives 3 Pc. Set
Jason Sugar Spoons 4 Pc. Set
Jason Cheese Accessories 4 Pc. Set
Ovada Hexagonal Marble Charcuterie Board
Twig Table Forks 4 Pc. Set
Twig Stilton Scoop 4 Pc. Set
Barolo Striped Marble Cheese Board

About our Serveware

The term serveware comes from the Latin word “servire” which means to serve. It can include any item used for serving food, condiments, or drinks, including bowls, salt, and pepper cellars, coffee pots, and more.

What makes family get-togethers, celebrations, and parties most memorable? First the people, then the food! Stylish artisan-crafted serveware like marble cheese boards piled high with delicious bites will make a lasting impression. Whether you consider yourself a gourmet chef or just an enthusiastic foodie, we have many beautiful marble tabletop items for anyone who wants to up their cooking and entertaining game.

Marble Cheese Boards

Marble cheese boards are one of the most multi-functional items you’ll find in any serveware collection. Marble is the ultimate material for serving cheese because it resists the odors and smells that often soak into a wooden board. Marble keeps food chilled and on hot summer days, you can place the whole board in the refrigerator before guests arrive. Along with keeping cheese fresh, this is a great trick when serving cut-up veggies, fruits, and desserts. Marble is also easy to clean after use.

If you haven’t used marble cheese boards to serve your family and friends their favorite foods, it’s time you added one or more of these party essentials to your tabletop and kitchenware collection.

Handcrafted from Agra marble, we have cheese and charcuterie boards in many sizes, from large hexagonal boards to paddle-style serving platters. Many designs feature white marble with subtle gray veining, with some items showcasing dark green, gray, and even rose-colored marble.

Combined with our large assortment of cheese serving tools and cheese knives, our marble cheese boards are an excellent gift for cheese lovers.   

Wood Serving Trays

From the kitchen to the living room, wood serving trays are in demand for everything from creating decorative vignettes on a side table to serving foods to your family and friends.

Still not convinced that your kitchen needs a wood serving tray? Here are just some ways you can use wood serving trays:

Fill a large tray of finger foods and small bowls to hold sauces, dips, and pickles

Eating al fresco? A tray will easily transport food from the kitchen to the patio

Display assorted slices of bread or desserts like cupcakes for your guests to help themselves to

Serve your guests cocktails, wine, and other beverages

Lay out a large assortment of cut-up vegetables, fruits, or both with a delicious dip at the center

We have round and rectangular wood trays and many of our styles come in sets of 2 or more, making them an affordable addition to your home.   

Wood platters

Our versatile wood platters are unique serving accessories, with carved-out niches for samosa, wraps, and other specialty foods. White ceramic bowls hold special dips, sauces, and pickles.  

Combined cutting boards and servers are excellent for everyday use when serving sandwiches, cut-up vegetables, and other lunch or dinner meals.

Small wood platters are ideal for both cutting up foods and serving them. They also make unique plate chargers, slipped under a plate filled with delicious hot foods.

Whether you’re looking for artisan-crafted serveware for yourself or to