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About our Tabletop & Bar

Mirrors, artwork, and even a unique sofa can all play a part in decorating your home. When creating a home you love, you’ll want to include tabletop décor that speaks to your style, from a marble tray on a coffee table, tocandle holders and decorative marble bowls on the dining table.

For those who love to entertain, a built-in home bar or distinctive bar trolley cart provides plenty of opportunities to show off your sense of style.

Table Toppers

Table toppers bring life to your kitchen and dining room. Abeautiful vase filled with fresh-cut flowers sitting in a tray on your kitchen counter or table makes the space feel inviting and vibrant.

Top your dining room table with abeautiful footed bowl filled with flowers and change your tabletop décor to go with the seasons. 

Cake and Dessert Stands

A home décor staple, along with displaying and serving up delicious cakes, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, and candies, cake stands can be used in any part of your home.
Crafted from mango wood, ourwood cake and dessert stands feature a pedestal base, perfect for elevating everything from a collection of succulents to a group of candied apples for partygoers.  

Marble Trays

One of the easiest ways to decorate a coffee table is to top it with a decorative marble tray filled with some of your favorite things.

If you’re new to creating vignettes, most coffee table trays will display these 5 items:

  1. Some sort of natural elements, like a vase filled with fresh flowers or branches, moss or twig balls, or a live plant.
  2. Coffee table books got their name because they are a no-fail choice for adding color and interest to your tray or next to it.
  3. Don’t forget to inject your personality into the mix! That quirky statue you found at your favorite thrift store or a decorative box to hold even more items all can come together to give your table tray its one-of-a-kind charm.
  4. Candles, whether scented or natural, set the mood for a relaxed evening. If everything else in your tray is low in height, a set of chunky candleholders will add some height and balance to your vignette.
  5. This last item is more of a warning to not overfill your tray with too many items. Whether your decorative style is more rustic, with a wooden tray or you lean towards more glamorous pieces like awhite marble tray, leave some empty space to relax the eye and let the beauty of your tray show through!

Bar & Wine Accessories

Stocking up your bar cart? Whether you prefer a glass of ruby red Port or love crafting unique cocktails for your friends and family, having a few bar & wine accessories will go a long way when entertaining at home.

Our tiered wine storage rack holds up to six bottles of your favorite vintage wines. The 3-tiered design is perfect on a bar or countertop. And to keep your white and rose wines cool, our Chateau Marble Wood Wine Cooler is an elegant tabletop accessory.

Martini olives and Gibson onions look more special when threaded on a stylish stainless steel olive pick. An on-trend item to add to your bar and wine accessories is a set of six olive picks in a holder.

Our olive and cocktail picks come in a bird, leaf, or mixed design. Each set includes 6 picks and a distinctive etched metal container.

Looking for unique gifts for a housewarming? Our selection of handcrafted tabletop décor and home bar accessories make thoughtful gifts.