INOX Artisans’ serve ware includes a variety of designs and patterns which we develop artistically while making balance and comfort our top priorities. The impeccably styled salad serving sets, for instance, feel wonderful to hold because of their balance.

Our gorgeous collection includes coffee table tray decor like the trendy yet classic marble tray and coffee table tray designs that make you reminisce the delightfully charming and tranquil countryside.

The coarse outward appearance and surface mean they’ll go great with all kinds of dinner settings. We package all our stainless steel flatware in custom soft cotton cloths for proper preservation and brilliant showcasing. We deliver our serving tray collection in a similar way. Proof of great skill and art, each piece is super-smooth yet comfortably sturdy and solid. These hand-hammered works of art are sure to leave an impression of grace and grandeur on your guests every time you serve on them!

Speaking of serving in style, we also have handmade Moscow Mule copper mugs created from pure, 100% High-Grade copper metal. The heavy gauge material enables a precise rendering of the decorative patterns. These enchanting mugs are perfectly balanced and a treat to use for your favorite drinks as a result. A fantastic gift for your friends and loved ones to help furnish their home bar!