Focus on Twig: Happy Twig Flatware Customers Tell All

Focus on Twig: Happy Twig Flatware Customers Tell All

Feb 06, 2023admin

Flatware isn’t always easy to shop for. There’s so much to consider, like weight, style, materials, and care. And let’s face it, a lot of flatware looks very similar. That’s where INOX handcrafted stainless steel flatware takes you on an adventure, to a place that’s far away from the ordinary. Happy customers soon learn that having a set of our artisan-made flatware is like having a table filled with one-of-a-kind artwork pieces.

And it doesn’t get any more one-of-a-kind than Twig. Our Twig silverware starts with our signature mirror-polished utensils and ends with distinctive twig-like handles. The organic handles have an arching profile that lifts them gently away from the table and then back again. Twig knives curve in the direction of the blade and fit comfortably in hand. Like a twig clipped from a tree branch, each handle ends with a smooth-to-the-touch polished silver diagonal cut. 

Available in copper antique, burnt black, and satin polished, our Twig handcrafted stainless steel flatware has all the nuances and slight imperfections that come with an authentic hand-forged design.

A look at our Twig artisan-made flatware designs:


A set of Twig handcrafted stainless steel flatware in copper antique taps into rustic cottage core style. A mix of patterns, textures, warm woods, and florals tell the cottage core story about escaping to quiet rural settings surrounded by nature. Photo by: Char Head @creations_by_char


A set of Twig artisan-made flatware in burnt black looks elegant at the brunch table. A lovely complement to white dishes, this style pairs well with many dishware colors and patterns. A great look for everyday use or special occasions. Photo by: Susan Webster @livingwithheart


Twig silverware with satin polished handles is equal parts rustic and chic. Shown here as part of a wintery tablescape, it brings a chic contemporary look to this table setting. Photo by: Joseph Cacioppo @gcdolceliving

Happy Twig flatware customers

Our Twig flatware design is a popular choice with our customers. We wanted to touch base with some happy Twig owners, so we created a short questionnaire…

At INOX, we work with third and fourth-generation craftsmen. Many of them are direct descendants of artisans who created flatware for the Maharajas in Rajasthan, India. What can you say about the quality of your artisan-made Twig flatware? How did it feel compared to factory-produced flatware that you’ve owned in the past?

Susan: The quality is absolutely impeccable and the designs are creative and unique. It holds up well with each washing and finds the perfect point between function and beauty.

Char: It's hard to describe it with the word "quality" because it's much more than that. I mean quality usually means "well made" but this flatware is that and so much more. Not only do you realize this when you see it but when you hold it in your hand you know immediately you have found something special and so unique.

Oh my goodness, the difference is amazing! It is more weighted and just feels completely different in your hand than all the flatware you've used in your lifetime.

Lanette: I was thrilled with the quality of the Twig silverware! Each piece has unique markings, while still looking like a beautiful set. I wondered how it might feel in my hand while looking at the pictures, and, when it arrived, I found it has a nice weight to it and sits comfortably in your hand. This is the first handmade flatware I have owned and I just LOVE it!

Ceci: The Twig flatware is of the highest quality. I love the nice feel and look. Also, the weight, balance, and every detail are apparent in every piece, making it unique and at the same time very functional. It complements any dishes, perfect flatware with nice shine and style! It’s one of the nicest flatware sets that I own!

Many people are surprised when they first hold a piece of handmade Twig silverware in their hand. Crafted from 18/10 stainless steel, our Twig flatware design has a balanced weight that is comfortable and sturdy.

Photo by Ceci Mason, artist and founder of

A Twig for all seasons

Many people like to switch their décor with the changing seasons. It adds a sense of excitement and can liven up any space, including the dining room.

What is your favorite season? Does your Twig flatware fit in with every season?

Susan: I would say spring is probably my favorite season because I am a gardener at heart and spring is when everything comes back to life.  However, I knew instantly that the Twig pattern matched my style of rustic elegance and have found that the Twig pattern works for ALL seasons. I love it as much with my Christmas decor as I do with my fall, winter, and spring designs. It's unique, beautiful, and never boring.

Char: My favorite season is DEFINITELY fall. The Twig design is absolutely perfect for fall. But it is a copper finish which is beautiful any time of the year for any season. Copper is just perfect anytime! And when you think about it, don't we have twigs or wood included in every season in one way or another? Wood pertains to every season.

Lanette: My favorite season to decorate for is fall, though I know I will use this flatware during every season. It has such a versatile look, and goes so well with so many dish sets! I love having this unique style for spring tablescapes as well! I love bird tablescapes and it reminds me so much of tree branches.

Ceci: Absolutely fits any season and with any style of dishes! I am so pleased with the twig pattern and how they are an extension of nature on my table like my floral arrangements since I always have those on my table! 

Some say that designer flatware patterns aren’t always functional or ergonomic. Others suggest that they are just plain weird to eat with! Do you find the Twig flatware design a good choice for everyday, practical use?

Susan: I would say that maybe it's not for everyone but it's certainly for those who want something that is a little more artistic and creative. I love it and have never had a problem with the function aspect! 

Char: I love it! I think the artisans took special care to design the flatware in a way that it sits comfortably in your hand. It is definitely different than what we are used to but it is so beautiful, stylish, functional, and a perfect conversation starter!

Lanette: The Twig flatware sits so comfortably in my hand, I love using it regularly. And as funny as it sounds, I love how smoothly the spoon glides in my mouth! J The knife cuts food beautifully and well, and it all works as well as any flatware I have owned. It’s so fun to have such a unique specialty set that can be used every day.

Ceci: It’s perfect for everyday and special occasions too. The flatware is not only a conversation piece but it feels so good on your hand.

Photo by: Joseph Cacioppo @gcdolceliving

A sentence that describes your Twig flatware (and how much you like it!) would be:

Susan: The Twig flatware is a showstopper. It sets every tablescape apart with the perfect artistic touch. It doesn't overpower but rather compliments each layer of decor beautifully.

Char: It is unique, high quality, eye-catching, earthy, and one-of-a-kind...I can't imagine my dining world without it! Thank you for creating it!!

Lanette: This flatware is fabulously beautiful, versatile, and feels so comfortable while using, I could use it every day!

Ceci: Each piece exudes a natural and elegant charm. The contours of each piece bring a lively look and conversation to the table (which is what we want at the table) and it’s perfect for any season! I absolutely love it!

Thank you, ladies!

We hope you enjoyed this short questionnaire with our happy Twig flatware customers. Check out our statement-making Twig handcrafted stainless steel flatware.

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