Plateau gold flatware and pastel plates are ideal for dinner table settings.

Gold Flatware and Pretty Pastels: A Spring Table Setting

Apr 02, 2024Anita MacKenzie

Oh, those first signs of spring! From the pretty pink cherry blossoms on tree-lined streets in your neighborhood to enjoying your first outdoor lunch, there’s nothing like it. Add to that, the springtime holidays, and before you know it, it’ll be time to pull out your favorite gold flatware, dinnerware, and tabletop décor. 

If this is your first spring gathering or you’re simply looking for some inspiration, here are some tips for styling a spring table that feels as fresh and beautiful as the season.

What are the trending colors for spring 2024 dinner table settings?

The color experts at Pantone have chosen 'peach fuzz', a mix of orange and pink, as the color of the year for spring 2024. The color gives off a warm and elegant vibe. This spring, expect to see popular pastel shades like baby blue, delicate pink, and lilac, both in fashion and home decor. These colors are light and fresh, perfect for the season.

Starting with a dark blue tablecloth to highlight the warm gold flatware, our spring table sticks with trending pastels with an eye-pleasing combination of white, soft pink, and blue plates.

The centerpiece

Plenty of greenery mixed with bright fresh blooms are a must for springtime dinner table settings. For the base of our centerpiece, we’re using one of the Faron rectangular acacia wood trays. The set comes with three trays in small, medium, and large. We used the large tray and filled it with faux greens, pretty pink hydrangea blossoms with white spirea-like sprigs, and yellow lilies. The tray allowed us to keep the centerpiece below eye level. After all, conversations flow much better when you can see one another!

Tip: Adding candles and candlesticks can visually extend your centerpiece.

A note about mixing metals. Home designers don’t recommend combining two metals from the same color family. It’s thought that putting two metals that are two similar together in a space looks sloppy and inconsistent while mixing metals from two different colors adds visual interest and depth. Why do the brass candlesticks work so well on this tablescape? We think it's because our gold flatware is a mix of polished stainless steel (silver) and gold-finished handles. This creates a mix of metals in opposing colors for a distinctive touch.

What are some quick, easy, and affordable centerpiece ideas?

  • Place a table runner across the table topped with a few potted plants
  • Lineup some small vases and fill them with just one type of flower
  • Use a wood cake stand with flowers and a candle in a glass hurricane
  • Find an old jam jar and fill it with fresh or faux white tulips
  • A wood dough tray filled with votive jar candles and a few greens adds a rustic ambiance
  • Fill a glass cylinder vase with cherry blossoms or other fresh sprigs from your backyard
  • Put out some fresh green apples or pears on crisp white plates or bowls
  • One or more cheerfully colored cups and saucers filled with bright blossoms
  • Vintage finds like salt and pepper shakers make unique stem vases
  • An edible bouquet of fresh carrots and other greenery from the garden in a simple clear glass vase
  • Get a colorful bouquet from the market and split it up into glass bottles and jars

A layer of plates that are stacked in your favor

Layering your plates is visually appealing. We arranged our stack to include a white dinner plate, a pink salad plate, and a blue bread plate. If you follow the “BMW” of setting the table, which from left to right, represents the bread plate, main plate, and water and wine glasses, we’ve left room on the left to move the bread plate over once the meal has started.

Along with the beautiful spring colors of our plate stack, the swirls and embossed dotted details inspired us and added tactility to the dinner table settings.

Tip: Try mixing dinnerware styles that you may not think “match”. It can often lead to a beautiful table. This includes mixing square and round plates, floral patterns with plain colors, and other imaginative combinations.

A gold flatware set is the perfect finish

Whatever the season, all of your dinner table settings will include flatware. The right flatware set complements the appearance of the table and some even think it complements the menu. It certainly completes the atmosphere.

Our choice was the Plateau flatware set. The design features slightly tapered square handles with unique beveled edges, finished in vintage gold. This gold flatware set has a timeless look with universal appeal that complements classic, contemporary, and vintage-style dinner table settings. What’s more, we think the vintage gold finish adds just the right elegance and personality to our spring table.

Add some personal touches or themed treats

Whether you’re setting a spring table or preparing for an Easter gathering, don’t shy away from adding some personal touches or themed treats. We added a pretty floral-shaped napkin but you could add little pink birds on each place setting for a touch of whimsy. Other spring table ideas include bird’s nests, small potted plants, or flowers.

This little pink bird adds a touch of whimsy to the table setting.  

Easter dinner table settings can include bunnies, colored eggs, or sweet treats for your guests. If you enjoy folding napkins, follow our easy directions for this bunny napkin.

We hope our spring table has inspired you to create spring table settings that look fresh and inviting.


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