How to Throw a Wow-Worthy Christmas Dessert Party

How to Throw a Wow-Worthy Christmas Dessert Party

Nov 22, 2023Anita MacKenzie

Does the idea of cooking a large meal for friends and family make you more stressed out than blissed out? Dessert-only events are already popular at weddings, bridal and baby showers, and housewarming events. So, this holiday season, why not throw a Christmas dessert party? It’s a fun alternative to a sit-down dinner and a great way to save on time and expense. Many desserts can be made ahead, and putting out serving pieces, like a cake serving set allows your guests to help themselves. 

Ridge Cake Serving Set

Ridge Cake Serving Set 

Your friends can all go out for a nice dinner and then come to your place for after-dinner cocktails and desserts. And who doesn’t like dessert?

There are many advantages to hosting this type of party. If you think a dessert-only get-together limits the imagination, think again. We’ve put together a few tips and ideas to make your dessert Christmas party a memorable one. 

Choose a Theme (or not)

Many party planners will tell you that a theme is essential to entice your guests and to set the tone. But, since you’re throwing a Christmas party, we think the theme is already “baked in” if you excuse the pun.

However, there are some things you can do to make the event more memorable and enjoyable for your guests. Keep in mind that a theme doesn't have to be extravagant to be effective. To start, consider the type of event you're hosting. Is it an intimate gathering with close friends and family, or a larger party with a mix of coworkers, friends, and family?

Champagne Glasses with Chocolates

Photo by Casey Chae on Unsplash 

A champagne and chocolate theme

For a party that includes a mix of office pals, close friends, and family, why not throw a champagne and chocolate party? Along with serving bubbly, you can include an assortment of chocolate bonbons, Christmas bark, chocolate cake, cupcakes, and more. A combination of homemade treats and bakery delicacies like chocolate macarons served on tiered serving trays will be elegant and enticing.  

Offer a chocolate fondue fountain with strawberries, raspberries, pretzels, and marshmallows for dipping. Your guests will enjoy indulging in the cascading chocolate! 

A Christmas Cookie Theme

For example, if you want a small casual gathering of friends, why not make it a Christmas cookie theme, with a look back on some childhood favorites? Ask your guests in advance what their favorite Christmas cookie was growing up. If you love to bake, here’s where you put on your apron and get to it. However, a combination of your homemade cookies and bakery-bought favorites will pack your party with a mouth-watering assortment.

How about a good old-fashioned cookie exchange party? Always fun, it’s a party where each guest brings a few dozen cookies to share and swap with everyone. The beauty of this type of party, is you only have to bake one cookie recipe and enjoy lots of different types of cookies. There’s only one rule- no chocolate chip cookies!

Snowman cookie

Photo by Yulian Karadzhov on Unsplash 

Another fun idea for a cookie-themed party is to have a cookie decorating corner. Arrange fresh baked sugar cookies in different holiday-themed shapes and sizes. Have an assortment of colorful icing and edible toppers like confetti, sprinkles, crushed toffee bars, and candy canes. You can even supply small paintbrushes so your guests can get creative. 

Finally, arrange to have some decorative cookie boxes with windows and decorative paper bake cups for your guests to fill up their own Christmas cookie gift boxes to take home with them.

Window cookie box

Photo by Tanaphong Toochinda on Unsplash

Coffee and tea are a must for this type of gathering. Set up a coffee station with your best coffee spoons. Or for those who prefer cold drinks, a fruity cocktail punch. To deal with the inevitable after-dessert thirst, line up some bottled water with colorful red-striped straws for your guests to sip on. 

A Dessert Charcuterie Theme

Dessert tables have been around for a while and putting together the dessert charcuterie theme is a simple and enjoyable way to pack in the sweetness.

Charcuterie platters can include an assortment of baked goods, along with roasted nuts, fruit, and dips. Adding in some salty nibbles can help balance all the sweetness so include bowls of popcorn, pretzels, and bread sticks.  

Dessert Charcuterie Spread

Luna Sauce Platter With Bowls and Sundance Ratoncito Cheese Spreaders 

Photo by Carrie of  Pantry To Table

Donut mind if I do

Donut walls are becoming a fun alternative to cake at weddings. One advantage is it saves on having to set up a cake stand, cake serving set, and pastry forks. Instead, you can have a dedicated donut wall, which can be a lot of fun. Hang donuts on a pegboard or display them on a table, stacked together on acrylic or wood stands. 

One advantage of serving donuts is that it saves on having to set up a cake stand, cake serving set, and pastry forks. Instead, you can have a dedicated donut wall, which can be a lot of fun. Hang donuts on a pegboard or display them on a table, stacked together on acrylic or wood stands. 

Donut peg board

Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash

Grab and go style

For those who don’t like the idea of someone breathing on the pies or touching cake knives to cut the cake, you can lay out single servings for guests to grab and enjoy.

Individual desserts served in unique containers like tulip paper cups, mini mason jars, or plastic martini glasses are a fun touch to any dessert party.   

Individual Cherry Trifles With Sundance Heart Spoons

Sundance Heart Coffee/Dessert Table Spoons

Individual Cherry Trifles Recipe ~ Photo by Carrie of Pantry To Table 

Have it catered

Did you know that some caterers will come to your home, even for small gatherings? They may only use your kitchen for assembling. You can arrange to use your serveware, cake serving set, and pastry forks or have them create beautiful displays with their platters.

We hope this inspires you to host a dessert-only party of your own. If you do, we’d love to hear all about it! 


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