Artisanal Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Cheese

Artisanal Holiday Gifts for People Who Love Cheese

Nov 30, 2023Anita MacKenzie

When it comes to giving cheese lovers a special Christmas, there are many choices available. For the Brie lover, there are stoneware Brie bakers that melt the middle of the cheese into gooey deliciousness, perfect for dipping with crackers or bread. You can surprise them with a membership to an artisan cheese club where the lucky recipient receives 2-4 different cheeses every month. Those in the club receive notes about the cheese and suggested wine pairings.

We love the idea of giving artisan gifts that the cheese connoisseur can use all year long, don’t you? From our marble and wood charcuterie boards to our artisan-forged cheese knife sets, we have an eye-pleasing assortment of gifts for people who love cheese.

Artisanal: Made by hand, in small batches using traditional methods.

It’s interesting to note that in the cheese industry, the term "artisanal" is used to describe cheese that is made by hand in small batches using traditional methods. Artisanal cheeses are not merely handmade but crafted by a cheese maker with exceptional abilities in the art of cheese making.

Cheese artisans making mozzarella cheese

Handcrafted and traditional processing of real mozzarella from southern Italy. 

Photo by Ivan Pergasi on Unsplash

Skilled craftsmen create each stainless steel cheese knife set by hand.
Skilled craftsmen create each stainless steel cheese knife set by hand.

While there are many gifts available for people who love cheese, we think that giving someone an artisanal holiday gift makes both the gifter and the giftee feel truly special.

The Salome Marble & Wood Charcuterie Board with wine and cheese gift

The Salome Marble & Wood Charcuterie Board is an elegant foundation for a wine and cheese lover's gift. Handcrafted from Agra marble and acacia wood, this board features scalloped corners. Add a bottle of their favorite vintage and delicious cheeses for a well-thought-out gift they can enjoy during the holidays and beyond.

Wine and Cheese Pairings

Sending a gift of Brie? Wine experts agree that the soft texture and creamy taste of Brie pairs best with the acidic, bubbles of Champagne.

Another well-known and loved wine and cheese combination is Blue Stilton and a well-aged Port. A delightful match made in cheese heaven, it works well because of the bold characters each brings to the table, one is sweet and one is pungent. The rule of thumb here is: the more stinky the cheese, the sweeter the wine should be!

According to the experts at Wine Folly, other tips for matching wines and cheeses include:

  • If it grows together, it goes together. When wines and cheese come from the same region, trust the residents in those regions. One example is Garnacha with Manchego. Both from Spain, Manchego is a semi-hard cheese made from the milk of the Manchega sheep in central Spain. 
  • Match the intensities. More intense wines of over 14.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) go well with intensely flavored cheese. Low-alcohol wines come from colder climates and include Rieslings from Germany, Austrian wines like Grüner Veltliner (under 11.5% ABV), and even some sparkling wines from Northern Italy.

  • Pair age with boldness. The fruity notes and high tannins of red wines like Chianti, for example, balance the richer, nuttier flavors of aged cheeses like Grana Padano or Asiago. Likewise, a bold red Montepulciano Wine, which is lively and fruity will pair well with Provolone or Parmigiana Reggiano.  

If you're planning to give away an assortment of white and red wines this year but are unsure about which cheese to pair with them, opt for cheese that has enough fat to balance the tannins in red wine, yet mild enough to complement a delicate white. Some examples include Swiss, Gruyere, Comte, and Gouda.

Aria Scorched Wood Serving Tray with Handles and Jason Cheese Knife Set

Looking for a gift for a wine and cheese lover? Start with the Aria Scorched Wood Serving Tray with Handles. Handcrafted from mango wood with a rustic scorch finish, the wooden service tray has a protective edge to keep snacks from rolling off and black iron handles for easy carrying. Next, add a bottle of your friend's favorite wine, some delicious cheeses, and an artisan-crafted stainless steel cheese knife set. You’ve got a distinctive lasting gift they can enjoy for many years!

Cheese lovers who love to entertain from home

Does your cheese-loving friend love to entertain at home? If the thought of pairing the right wine and cheese together seems too daunting, why not focus on gifting artisan-crafted items to help them elevate their grazing table, charcuterie boards, and cheese platters? 

The best charcuterie boards leave no one behind. There should be a medley of cheeses and cured meats and a combination of sweet, savory, and crunchy elements. Crackers, olives, pickles, nuts, fruits, veggies, chocolates, and candies…the possibilities are endless.

Mez Round Marble Wood Paddle Charcuterie Board and Twig Cheese Tools

Photo by Antoinette of @cozycottageandgarden 

An assortment of artisan cheese with fruit, bread, and crackers. Our Twig Cheese Tools 4 Pc. Set showcases organic twig-like handles in a burnt black finish. The cheese knife set includes a Stilton scoop that is perfect for crumbly blue cheese. Artisan-crafted from Agra marble and acacia wood, the Mez Round Marble Wood Paddle Charcuterie Board makes the presentation elegant.

A cheese knife set with an assortment of cheese tools lets guests help themselves to fresh slices of cheese, meat, and pickles.

Clara Rose marble Serving Paddle and Sundance Cheese Accessories 4 Pc. Set

For the cheese lover who loves to entertain from home, bring on the festive feelings with an artisan-crafted gift. The Clara Rose Marble Serving Paddle is a standout with its beautiful rose marble. For the Brie lover, what could be better than a gift of Brie with honey? Our Sundance Cheese Accessories 4 Pc. Set showcases beautiful antique copper handles and includes a pronged cheese knife, cheese spreader, two-prong fork, and cheese server.

Why not keep it simple with a gift of cheese and a cheese knife set? Our hand-forged cheese knives come in sets of four with cheese tools for all their favorite cheeses. If you’re not sure what type of cheese tools to gift, check out our Cheese Knives – A Cheese Lover’s Guide for a definition of each of the knives, what they look like, what they do, and which cheeses they work best with.

Jason Cheese Tools 4 Pc. Set

Hand-forged design of the Jason Cheese Accessories 4 Pc. Set showcases raw nascent steel handles with mirror-polished utensils. The set comes with a cheese spreader, a Stilton scoop, a cheese planer, and a pronged knife. All the tools needed for an assortment of cheeses, from crumbly Blue cheeses to semi-soft Gouda.   

We hope this look at artisanal holiday gift ideas for cheese lovers has inspired you. We invite you to shop our selection of charcuterie boards, wooden service trays, and cheese knife sets. We know you’ll create a unique gift they will cherish all year long.  



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