Jason ~ Timeless Table Styles For Right Now

Jason ~ Timeless Table Styles For Right Now

Jan 31, 2024Anita MacKenzie

“J” is for January and Jason, and we’ve been celebrating our flagship Jason flatware set collection throughout the month. One of our unique silverware sets, Jason has a universal appeal that harmonizes with many home decor styles. Each piece is hand-forged by our artisans, with rough-hewn square handles left in a nascent state with mirror-polished implements. During the forging process, the smooth steel handles naturally develop some pitting. This adds a rustic look and character to each piece.

At INOX Artisans we follow home décor styles and trends in interior design, using it as inspiration for our growing artisan-crafted flatware collection. Let’s talk about some popular home décor styles and show you just how versatile our Jason silverware is.

Before we delve into décor styles and matching table settings, it’s important to note that when it comes to decorating your table, there are no hard and fast rules. Creative tablescapes will elevate any meal and if you view your table as a blank canvas, you can have fun decorating and styling your table in different themes and styles to impress guests at your next gathering.

Modern industrial style

Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Modern Industrial Style

This interior design style became popular in the 1960s and 70s when old warehouses and factories were transformed into loft-style living spaces. Part of the original design featured exposed duct work, pipes, and brick walls. Industrial-style spaces typically had open floor plans, large windows, and leather furniture mixed with rustic wood and metal pieces.

Today, designers get the modern industrial style look by using neutral colorways and materials that are in raw or rough forms.

Other elements of this home décor style include:

  • Wood beams and reclaimed wood pieces
  • Concrete or rustic wood floors 
  • A neutral color palette with dark tones like black, gray, and white
  • An emphasis on steel and other metals in furniture, lighting fixtures, artwork, and decorative pieces
  • Minimalism abounds, without overly decorative pieces or detailing

Modern Industrial Style Table Setting with Jason flatware set

This table setting has a casual industrial look with a minimalist expression. The only adornment on the table is a distinctive metal chain topiary in a black vase. The Aria Scorched Wood Serving Tray, one of our wooden trays with handle accents is used as a charger, adding the natural and raw elements of wood and iron. An organic plate in a dark tone is the perfect topper. A neutral color palette with black, gray, black, and a touch of white gives this table setting its industrial vibe. Lastly, the silver tone of the centerpiece plays well with the nascent steel handles of the Jason flatware. True to the spirit of the design style, this industrial-style table provides a casual, relaxing atmosphere that’s easy to live in.

Modern Farmhouse Style

Photo by Sosey Interiors on Unsplash

Modern Farmhouse Style

This style is a bit of a paradox. Real farmhouses in the 1700s were for families who owned or worked the farm. These original farmhouses were built from a need for shelter, not from the desire for a farmhouse style. The modern farmhouse style is relatively new, in comparison, with the term “modern farmhouse” first coined in the New York Times, in October 2016. While the style steadily gained popularity in the 2010s, it became a huge decorating style around 2015, thanks to the designer Joanna Gaines and a show called “Fixer Upper”.

The modern farmhouse style is a combination of rustic, contemporary, industrial, and primitive elements. As a style, it has stood the test of time and it continues to evolve. If you’re wondering if it will stop trending in 2024, the answer is no. Instead, it's simply changing to a new version which some might call the "new farmhouse". The change will include warm beige and brown tones, more stacked stone, and less stark whites. Interior designer Valentina of the House of Valentina predicts that in 2024, there will be more crossover in appealing design trends than ever before. She believes that the new farmhouse and modern cottage styles will complement each other and that the styles will be more popular than ever.

Elements of the modern farmhouse style include:

  • Mixing organic textures with modern color palettes
  • Rustic wood beams and reclaimed barn wood doors
  • Black frame steel windows
  • Farm sink or apron-front sinks in the kitchen
  • A mix of vintage and modern furniture and home décor pieces

Modern Farmhouse Style Table Setting with Jason Flatware Set

This charming modern farmhouse table setting is the perfect mix of modern and rustic elements. Following the latest “new farmhouse” trends, the typical glass jar vase is replaced with a textured vessel filled with a green leafy arrangement decorated with fresh apples. White plates are stacked off-center for an artful touch and a burlap-like napkin tied with raffia (which is soft to the touch and odorless) sits on top. The rustic Jason flatware set is the best flatware to complete this modern farmhouse place setting.

Transitional Home Decor Style

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

Transitional Style

Some interior designers will say that the transitional look is probably easier to achieve than to explain! Think of this style as being in “transit” as you travel between traditional and modern designs. The look is often quite minimalist, but comfort is a top priority with this look, as well. It’s all about balance, as this style is like a bridge between traditional and modern furniture, fabrics, and decorative accessories.  

In a transitional bedroom, the focus with be on a comfortable bed with luxe bedding, in the living room you’ll find a deep-seated comfy sofa with mod cushions. Decorative items are few and there is usually a large artwork in the room. Lighting is often very modern and can often be the showpiece in a room. As for colorways, the tones are soothing and muted with darker hues reserved for accent pieces.

Still having trouble understanding this particular style? Let’s use a dining room as a final example. Wainscoting on the walls gives off a traditional vibe, with a modern dining table and neutral-tone upholstered chairs providing that balance. One big bold piece of modern artwork and an eye-catching modern chandelier complete this elegant look.

Elements of the transitional style include:

  • A neutral color palette
  • Lighting and furniture pieces incorporate textural elements, like metal, wood, and rattan
  • The use of accessories and/or décor items is limited
  • Impactful art on one wall as a statement piece instead of lots of artwork on the wall  
  • Modern lighting balances the more traditional furnishings  

Transitional Table Setting with Jason silverware set

A chic but cozy transitional dining experience! This table setup mixes glass and metal details, with a magnificent magnolia centerpiece and flowing gold table runner serving as a focal point. The gold napkin “flower” tucked into a bold silver ring adds a glam touch. Traditional china plates with metallic rims perfectly balanced by the modern Jason flatware set complete this elegant transitional table setting.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this look at the Jason flatware collection. As you can see, this flatware set is highly versatile and is one of the best flatware designs to complement a wide range of table décor styles. The collection also offers matching serving pieces, such as a hostess serving set and salad servers. In addition, you can shop our selection of unique handcrafted Jason pieces that are perfect for entertaining at home or giving as housewarming and wedding gifts. These include Jason cheese knife & spreader sets, heart-shaped coffee/dessert spoons, and Jason Ratoncito cheese spreader knives.

Thank you for your interest in our artisan-crafted Jason collection. We invite you to explore our unique silverware sets.

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