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Wedding Place Setting Ideas For The Best I Dos

Jun 10, 2024Anita MacKenzie

Planning your dream wedding? Selecting a wedding theme for your special day is like creating a beautiful painting. It all begins with a blank canvas and your imagination. Slowly you add in your favorite colors and other elements to turn into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Your wedding theme will set the tone for everything, from the color palette to the music and the wedding place settings. So what are the top wedding themes for 2024? Read on!

Wedding Trends in 2024

Everyone is becoming more environmentally conscious and that means more couples than ever are opting for greener weddings. What does an eco-friendly wedding look like? Picture the bride holding a bouquet crafted from locally grown flowers and the guests enjoying a menu that includes locally sourced foods.

Replacing single-use paper and plastics that will end up in a landfill with reusable items will go a long way toward minimizing waste. And what could be more elegant and memorable than a sustainably handcrafted stainless steel flatware set adorning each place setting?

The destination wedding is still a top choice for a dream wedding. While this theme is not new, it has sparked a new trend for those who dream of a destination wedding but don’t have the budget for it. Instead, couples can pick a specific location and incorporate it into their celebration. For example, Mediterranean-inspired wedding place settings with blue dinnerware and a gold flatware set can transport your guests to the Amalfi coast.

A look at what’s trending in 2024 for weddings would not be complete without mentioning the micro wedding. A micro wedding is a small, intimate ceremony of about 50 people. This growing trend is about sharing your love with your closest circle. Micro weddings offer the best of both worlds, incorporating cherished customs of a wedding ceremony while allowing for smaller venues and unconventional locations.

Be that as it may, there are still plenty of couples that want a larger affair with an exciting theme! We’ve got a few favorites of our own and using one flatware set per theme, we put together some theme-enhancing wedding place settings we think you’ll love.

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A Bridgerton Wedding

This wedding style has taken off since the Bridgerton television series. Based on an 8-book romance series written by Julia Quinn, the Netflix series is set in the Regency era (1811-1820). The story follows eight siblings of the noble Bridgerton family as they navigate London high society in search of love and adventure.

The Regency era was glamorous and colorful and less stuffy than the preceding Baroque and Rococo eras. Think how beautiful the bride will be in an elegant empire-waist dress and gloves, a handsome groom at her side wearing a morning suit with a pale blue vest. Who can forget those colorful dresses at the Bridgerton balls? Imagine the bridesmaids in dresses of lilac, coral, and minty green and wedding place settings in matching shades.

The Bridgerton-themed wedding aims for a romantic, joyful vibe…with a general hint of intrigue that plays such a big part in the television show.

The Bridgerton-Inspired Table

In keeping with the Regency era, our Bridgerton wedding place setting includes a classic antiqued crest with a lush floral centerpiece.

Purple and white were popular colors of the era. Gilded touches on the glassware and china add to the romantic atmosphere. For a twist, our Versailles flatware set adds the exotic touch that is typical of the era.

Photo by Cinematic Imagery on Unsplash

An Elegant Coquette Wedding Theme

The word “coquette” is French and means flirtatious. With its roots in the Japanese Lolita fashion trend, the Coquette aesthetic embraces sweet, romantic elements with a spotlight on femininity.

This theme is all about bows and frills! You can go big with a huge white bow tied above the entry arbor or decorate an arched arbor with flowers and plenty of bows made from silky soft pink ribbon. Using lace and pastel colors are also important elements for this theme. If you’re still not sure of the coquette aesthetic, watch the 2006 historical drama film, Marie Antoinette. It won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design, capturing Marie Antoinette’s love for extravagant clothing adorned with bows and frills.

We opted for white and green faux florals in rustic clay pots for our Coquette wedding place settings. Faux florals are versatile, offer year-round availability even for exotic choices, and since they are reusable, they are eco-friendly. Paired with brass candlesticks and a mix of candles in glass cylinders, this place setting combines chic French style with a touch of modernity.

Our Camellia flatware set with charming vintage gold finished handles looks elegant on a cascade of lace and ribbon.

Transport your wedding guests to a French country estate with this Coquette wedding table setting.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

The Rustic Wedding

What do you think of when you think of a rustic wedding? The word “rustic” can mean different things to different people. For some, it might lean towards a western-inspired affair on a ranch while others envision a cozy barn wedding. Whatever your version of rustic is, rustic weddings can be elevated and formal or simple and comfortable.

Centerpiece with a Ridge Nascent Steel Spoon
Rustic wedding place settings will include natural elements. Open wood hurricane lanterns and wood slice chargers can add a touch of nature. We opted for a wood riser. A mix of glass jars, some filled with pretty local white blossoms and greens and some with candles complete this rustic table.  
Burlap linens add a rustic touch to a rustic wedding table. For a touch of nature, we tied our faux burlap napkin with twine and added a natural blossom with leaves.  

Rustic wedding place setting with Ridge flatware

The nascent steel handles of the Ridge flatware set lend rustic appeal to this charming rustic place setting.

Take it to the Tropics

Not getting hitched in a tropical paradise? You can still plan a tropical-themed wedding and include an exotic getaway aesthetic you and your guests will enjoy. From flamingos to pineapples, there are plenty of ways to make your wedding feel like an island paradise.

A trio of vintage copper palm tree candlesticks flanked with green glass candleholders brings a cozy tropical vibe to this tropical wedding place setting.

Under the shade of a palm tree, a stack of silver-rimmed china gets an island-ready boost with lush green Monstera leaves and a light green napkin. We replaced the standard silver flatware with the Celia flatware set. With its antique copper handles and polished stainless steel utensils, it’s the perfect complement to this Tropical wedding place setting.

We hope this look at some of our wedding place settings has inspired you.

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