Spotlight on Ridge Flatware ~ Rustic and Refined

Spotlight on Ridge Flatware ~ Rustic and Refined

Jun 05, 2024Anita MacKenzie

With the artistry and distinctive styles of our handcrafted rustic flatware, it’s hard to pick a favorite stainless steel flatware set. The Ridge design is not only one of our flagship flatware sets, it truly is a customer favorite.

Here we’ll take a closer look at this artisan-crafted design and, to borrow from the famous Elizabeth Barrett Browning sonnet ask: "How do we adore this artisan flatware design? Let us count the ways!"

Shop silverware online and the first thing you’ll notice is whether or not you like how the flatware looks. While that may seem obvious, it certainly doesn’t make selecting your silverware any easier. There may be many styles you love the look of, but the right flatware will go beyond that. Flatware settings play a big part in creating the atmosphere at your table. The silverware should complement the appearance of the food you serve while adding character, and enhancing your overall dining experience.

What if the style you’re looking at is hot and trending, but you worry it may be outdated by next year? We always suggest that when you shop silverware online you look beyond the hot trends (even if they excite you!) and look for classic style elements that will stay in vogue for years to come.

A classic rustic flatware design

With most flatware, a distinctive handle is what sets it apart. The Ridge handle starts with a round, faceted silhouette that converts to a flat straight back that rests on the table. The handle broadens with the topside forming a distinctive center crest or “ridge” that ends with a gently curved base.

Stainless steel flatware finishes

Stainless steel flatware is affordable, easy to care for, and lasts many years. The flatware implements and handles come in different finishes, namely a mirror, satin, or dual finish.

What is a mirror finish?  According to, this finish is a smooth highly polished surface produced on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing or lapping. This finish can refer to only the utensils or both the utensils and handles.

All of our flatware utensils are hand-polished to a mirror finish. Calling it a mirror finish is appropriate, as the utensils are highly reflective – you can see yourself in our spoons! Since the implements are mirror-finished and the handles come in different finishes like antique copper and burnt black, our artisan-crafted stainless steel flatware sets have a dual finish.

Here’s a look at the different handle finishes available in the Ridge flatware collection.

Nascent Steel: Hand-hammered stainless steel handles left in a natural, organic state.

Antique Copper: Using an electroplating process similar to the process used in jewelry-making, the antique copper finish of our Ridge flatware brings a welcome feel to your table.  

Burnt Black: A recent addition to the Ridge flatware collection, black finished handles add a touch of drama and sophistication to your dinner table settings.


We love our Ridge stainless steel flatware for its rustic sophistication. Part of that charm comes from the organic beauty of the hand-hammered handles. Overall the handles are smooth to the touch, with the facet details and fine distressing adding texture and an aged appearance. We think it adds just the right dramatic effect to a rustic, refined table setting.  

Weight and Balance

One thing most people don’t consider when buying new flatware settings is the weight and balance of each piece. But, it makes a difference to just how pleasant and comfortable a utensil is to hold. You only have to think about the difference between drinking out of a paper cup or a glass goblet. They might hold the same amount of liquid, but the glass goblet will feel more satisfying and bring a sense of quality. A flatware fork can weigh anywhere from 54 to 84 grams (the weight of our Ridge fork). Flatware pieces that have some heft to them are satisfying to use and hold. 

As for balance, pieces with a perfect balance should just feel like a natural extension of your hand. Just as properly weighted stainless steel flatware feels significant, a balanced flatware piece is a pleasure to use. 

We understand that when you shop silverware online, it can be daunting. We hope this look at our Ridge rustic flatware will inspire you to update your dinner table settings with this classic flatware collection.

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