Wine Bottle Opener: A Perfect Wedding Gift

Wine Bottle Opener: A Perfect Wedding Gift

Nov 26, 2019admin

If your best friends’ wedding is around the corner and you are still not sure what to gift, then a bottle of his/her favorite wine and a wine bottle opener would be the perfect choice. These bottle openers come in various distinct and beautiful designs. You can choose the one that looks classier and is easy to use. Wine is something liked by many and used in most of the occasions. So, the gift option will surely not fail to impress the bride and groom.

However, before buying any openers, you must have the knowledge of the types of corkscrew openers or wine bottle openers so that you can buy the best.

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Types of Wine Bottle Opener You Can Choose From

There is a wide range of corkscrew openers available in the market. We have enlisted a few of them below:

1. Electric Corkscrews

Electric Corkscrew is one of the easiest ways to open a wine bottle. You have to simply press the push-button and it will open the bottle of wine in an instant. These bottle openers are ideal for people who suffer arthritis or little hand strength.

2. Wine Cork Extractors

Wine cork extractors use prongs to open the bottle of wine. The prongs slide down between the cork and wine bottle to take off the cork from the bottle. Such openers are mainly used for removing vintage corks made from natural rock. The best thing about the extractor is that it won’t send any cracks to vintage wine corks or let them break apart dropping crumbs into wine.

3. Waiter’s Corkscrews

These are also known as wine keys and are the standard instrument of choice for most establishments. They are considered the oldest type of wine bottle opener. Further, such corkscrews are an excellent combination of functionality, affordability and come in compact size. Most of the waiter’s corkscrews consist of foil cutter blades and bottle cap openers as well.

4. Pocket Corkscrews

These bottle openers are small in size and are easy to carry in pants or apron pockets. Many pocket corkscrews are designed with a sheet that protects the fabric or pockets from being poked by the opener’s worm. Further, this sheet creates a T-shaped crossbar that renders leverage for twisting to worm into the cork and remove it well. As compared to counter mount or electric corkscrews, this requires more strength.

Inox sells one of the best pocket corkscrews with their handles designed with coconut wood and copper materials.

5. Wing Corkscrews

Also known as winged corkscrews, these are a popular choice for removing synthetic corks because of their ease of use. Adding to their versatility, such screws can be used on corks of all sizes. However, they will leave cork crumbs behind if you use them for opening vintage wines or wines having natural and brittle corks.

6. Counter Mount Corkscrews

For sturdiness and support, you can attach these wine bottle openers to a counter or table. Such corks come with the advantage of opening bottles faster with less effort and faster than any other type of bottle opener. Hence, such a style of corkscrew is suitable for establishments with high-volume of wines.


In a nutshell, wine bottle openers come in varied ranges of designs and materials. As a wedding gift, you can pick either wine cork extractors or pocket corkscrews or wing corkscrews. These are small in size which makes them easy to carry as well are easy to use. However, if you wish, you can go for other options also.

Whether you are looking for a wine bottle opener or a beer bottle opener, Inox has a delightful collection available in different materials. We ensure that our customers fully enjoy the product they have bought and that it was worth. Hence, you must give it a try.

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