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About our Gold

Gold flatware – a timeless classic

Gold flatware has become popular in table décor. Some decorators have previously thought that gold-finished flatware was too ornate and expensive. Today, homeowners and decorators appreciate a gold finish on flatware for the way it uniquely dresses up and table and caters to modern and vintage styles.

Gold silverware has a distinctive, intentional appearance that doesn’t command attention but invites it. Whether you’re shopping for the best gold flatware set for special occasions or want to uplift family dinners with elegance, this timeless classic is here to stay.

Handcrafted flatware is distinctive with a personal touch that you won’t find with factory-produced silverware. Each stainless steel flatware design features mirror-polished utensils with warm-hued gilded handles. The handles are finished using an electroplating process comparable to what they use in jewelry making.

Mixed-metal trends

Silver is a classic metal for table settings, but there is a growing trend towards mixed metals from the kitchen and bath to the dining room. So don’t be afraid to mix metals on the dining room table!

Our gold flatware is an eye-catching mix of gleaming silver implements and gold-plated handles. When you mix your gold-finished flatware with other metallic tableware, such as copper chargers and gold-rimmed glasses the result is fresh, complementary, and classic.  

Our handcrafted gold flatware collection

Explore our range of handcrafted gold silverware, offering various styles from contemporary to vintage. For a rustic and romantic table setting, our Medicki design features elegant golden handles that taper into delicate teardrops.

If you prefer a midcentury vibe, our Plateau flatware set boasts distinctive square handles with beveled ends. The gold-finished handles are smooth, with subtle hand-hammered distressed details that add vintage appeal.

The Celia flatware design is all about artistic flair, with sculptural round handles that gracefully taper out into flattened squared ends. For a more classic style with a simple silhouette, the Camellia flatware set in gold features round organic handles. Contrasted by mirror-polished stainless steel utensils, this design is both rustic and elegant.

Frequently asked questions about gold flatware

When should I clean my flatware set?

You should wash your new flatware set before using it. Food scientists put food safety hazards into three categories: chemical, physical, and biological. Since new utensils have the potential to have all three significant food safety risks, Dr. Ravi Jadeja, Associate Professor of Animal and Food Sciences at Oklahoma State University strongly recommends washing newly purchased cookware, kitchen tools, and flatware before first use.  


Wash your new flatware thoroughly by hand, in warm water with a mild soap. Rinse with clean, hot water and dry quickly. You should wash and dry flatware after meals. Avoid overnight soaking.

Can I wash gold flatware in the dishwasher?

Gold-finished flatware is dishwasher-safe, although we recommend using mild detergents. Avoid using detergents with lemon as they can cause corrosion.

There are countless dishwasher models and not all of them wash the same way, so we recommend a fast wash cycle, with a lower water temperature. This gentle washing will prolong the life of the gold finish on your flatware. If that’s not possible with your dishwasher, we recommend hand-washing with a soft sponge or cloth to keep your flatware looking its best for years to come.

How do I style my best gold flatware set for casual or formal occasions?

For formal occasions, you can pair gold flatware with white plates or ivory fine china and white or off-white linens.

Gold is also a versatile color that can work with a variety of color schemes, from bold to neutral and minimalist. Are you looking to create a table setting that reflects your casual style and adds charm to your dining room? Try adding patterned linens and decorative pieces in rich colors such as amethyst purple, sapphire blue, citrine yellow, and ruby red.

Why do we think our artisan-crafted rustic gold flatware is the best silverware for your table?

·  Hand-hewn flatware adds a textural element to your table setting and the gold-finished handles provide a warm glow to the occasion.

·  Rustic gold flatware enhances the dining experience and harmonizes with both modern and vintage settings.

·  Gold complements many color palettes, from jewel-toned colors like sapphire blue and emerald green to natural wood tones and crisp white linens.

·  Versatile gold-handle silverware styles are perfect for both casual weekday dining and formal dinner parties.

·   Artisans individually craft, polish, and finish each piece, ensuring that no two flatware pieces look exactly alike, giving your table settings a one-of-a-kind look.

·  We call the flatware finish “vintage gold” because it has a beautiful warmth that enhances the weathered look of our artisinal flatware.

·  Last but not least, our gold silverware is a beautiful addition to your table that offers endless possibilities for creating unique, stylish, and memorable table settings.


Inox gold flatware is crafted from high-quality stainless steel with a gold PVD coating.

Yes, Inox gold flatware is dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended to preserve its finish.

The durable PVD coating on Inox gold flatware ensures long-lasting color retention with proper care.

Gold flatware is ideal for formal dinners, holiday gatherings, and special celebrations.

Inox gold flatware comes with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Clean vintage gold flatware gently with mild soap and warm water, avoiding abrasive cleaners to preserve its finish and detailing.