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Celia Salad Serving 2 Pc. Set
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Celia 4 Pc. Bar Tool Set


INOX hand-forged flatware designs are both rustic and elegant, with eye-pleasing patterns that harmonize with many home décor styles. Our unique flatware comes in a wide range of pattern styles, from sleek and minimalist for the modern table, to hammered and textured to bring a modern rustic aesthetic. Shop by pattern to find unique flatware patterns that will show the world your taste for elegance.

Hammered stainless steel flatware patterns are customer favorites because they complement so many contemporary dishware styles. Over the years, silverware with teardrop handles have graced many tables. Our Cosage design updates the look with hammered teardrop nascent steel handles with black distressing. Rustic but modern, it’s a timeless look that will outlast passing trends. Named for its distinct folded-ridge center, the Ridge flatware pattern has tapered handles with gleaming silver utensils. From industrial chic to modern farmhouse, this unique flatware pattern brings out the best of any home décor style.

For those who love silverware that makes a statement, our whimsical Tedpole and Twig flatware patterns showcase curvy and twig-like handles that are certain to start conversations at the brunch table. A customer’s favorite and one of our best flatware sets is the Celia flatware collection. The hand-forged flatware features roughhewn, multi-faceted handles that widen into a flattened end. Celia’s contrasting textures and mirror-finished utensil tops complement a contemporary dining table.

For the customer who admires one-of-a-kind artisan flatware and wants to create a unique dining experience for family and friends, our selection of Mixed patterns offers unique flatware, packed with personality and handcrafted with precision. Customers will want to visit often to check our Fresh Arrivals page for the latest in extraordinary flatware patterns. Like all INOX Artisan flatware sets, they are made with love by our meticulous craftspeople.