The Captivating Magic Of Copper ~ A Look At Our Copper Flatware

The Captivating Magic Of Copper ~ A Look At Our Copper Flatware

Dec 15, 2023Anita MacKenzie

Do you dream of copper? It often symbolizes good luck and fortune. If you see copper in your dreams, it may signify that a positive change is on the way. 

Copper also represents protection and healing. If you are facing a difficult situation and you dream about this metal, it may be a signal to you that you’ll have the strength you need to overcome the situation. 

What if you’ve been dreaming of having a new copper flatware set for your table? We can’t think of a better time to make your dream come true. But, first, let’s look at some interesting facts about copper, what it is, its history, and why we find it so captivating.

What is copper?

Copper (Cu) is a soft and flexible metal that has high electrical conductivity. Humans have been using it for making various things for about 8,000 years and discovered the process of smelting (melting it down) by 4500 BC. Copper is one of the most widely used metals for manufacturing electrical wires, cables, and electronics, and it is an important metal that ranks third after iron and aluminum.

Do you know that copper is also an essential trace mineral that we need in our diets? We get trace amounts of the mineral when we eat grains, beans, potatoes, and leafy greens. Our body uses it to form red blood cells and we tend to store it mainly in our liver, with small amounts found in our muscles and bones.

Copper ribbons

Photo by Andrew Kliatskyi on Unsplash

Copper as a color

Copper is a dynamic color that blends red, brown, and orange. What is great about having copper-hued items in your home is that they can team up with a wide range of colors – from white and warm wood tones to the cool side of the color wheel with hues like turquoise, purple, and navy.

Celia flatware and matching antique copper serving pieces bring out the beauty of white and wood charcuterie boards and wood serving trays.

A beautiful warm shade, copper has a comforting, laidback feel that feels more natural and down-to-earth than other metal shades, such as gold and silver.

Copper is the traditional wedding anniversary gift for celebrating 7 years of marriage. It represents Venus, the goddess of love and the number 7 represents good fortune. So it makes sense that copper gifts are the choice for a 7th anniversary. 

heart spoons with copper handles

The Copper Ridge Heart Coffee/Dessert Table Spoon 4 Pc. Set makes a lovely wedding anniversary gift.

Industrial image showing copper piping

Photo by Taton Moïse on Unsplash

Copper in interior design

During the Industrial Revolution and Victorian period, copper was used for water pipes. Perhaps that’s why it still has a vintage industrial aesthetic and is often seen in farmhouse, country, and industrial home décor.  

As a decorative element in the home, copper glows with a warm rustic charm, and when combined with wood, black and white, or even soft pastels, the contrast is instantly appealing.  

Copper accents can be found everywhere in home interiors, from lighting fixtures and lamps to kitchen backsplashes. We love its versatility and that it brings a laidback elegance that works well in casual and luxurious spaces.

Kitchen vintage copper pots

Photo by Ramiro Mendes on Unsplash

Copper in the kitchen

Copper pots have been around since the 1800s and there’s nothing more charming than the warm glow of copper pots hanging from a rail on the ceiling or against the wall.

While your budget may not be equal to getting a new copper farmhouse sink or range hood, without too much expense, you can easily add it here and there in your kitchen. Look for used copper pans, pots, and strainers in vintage or thrift stores.

A simple touch like adding a copper kettle on the stovetop or a colander filled with fruit on the kitchen island will add a distinctive touch. Since copper complements other metals beautifully, it looks great with stainless steel appliances.  

Last, but not least, let’s not forget the flatware drawer, although, with charming copper flatware like our artisan designs, you may want to keep them on display, as well.

Ridge flatware in a copper pot

Copper Flatware

The INOX flatware collection comes in a variety of handle designs, with various finishes including antique copper, vintage gold, burnt black, or nascent steel. Our copper flatware features polished stainless steel utensils with copper-plated handles. The electroplating process is comparable to the method used in jewelry making.


Artisan hanging flatware for electroplating

Artisans immerse the handles in an electroplating bath which contains the metal (in this case, copper). An electric current passes through the solution and the utensil.

While there are certain safety guidelines to follow, electroplating is a fairly easy process that requires simple, basic equipment, making it well-suited to artisan workshops.

Here’s a look at three of our flagship copper flatware designs:

Sundance copper flatware

Our flagship Sundance copper flatware features organic, slightly tapered handles for a comfortable grip and mirror-polished utensils that accentuate the warm glow of copper.

Copper Ridge Flatware Set

The Ridge flatware design boasts a distinct tapered handle with a center pleat or ridge. Hammered stainless steel handles, finished in antique copper, add effortless charm to this rustic farmhouse table.

Celia copper flatware

Celia copper flatware is unique and stylish silverware with faceted handles and hammered flat ends. These beautiful handles provide a tactile feel and make each table setting a work of art. The antique copper finish enhances the appeal of modern cottage, industrial chic, and contemporary table settings.

Our handcrafted copper flatware sets start at under 40 dollars per place setting, which includes a knife, fork, salad fork, and teaspoon. If you love the warm relaxed hue of copper, adding a new set of copper flatware to your kitchen is a very affordable way to create a new look that you’ll love.  

At INOX Artisans we have a growing selection of artisan-crafted flatware sets to enhance your dining experience.




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