Country Mouse or City Mouse? A Look at the Ratoncito Cheese Spreader

Country Mouse or City Mouse? A Look at the Ratoncito Cheese Spreader

Sep 01, 2023Vijay Maheshwari

Have you ever heard the story of the country mouse and the city mouse? It’s a classic Aesop fable with several versions popping up over the years. In most versions, the country mouse invites his cousin from the city over to dinner. They dine on a humble meal of grain. After dinner, the city mouse brags to his cousin about how much better his life is, with every day bringing a feast of fine foods. Finally, he convinces the country mouse to visit him. During the visit, the mice dine on bread and other fine foods. But, just when the country mouse was about to admit his cousin was right, a cat interrupts dinner with an angry growl and chases them back to the mouse hole. Once they are safely back in the hole, the city mouse breaks down in tears and admits that the horrible cat killed his mother and father and chases him constantly.

After hearing his cousin's sad tale, the country mouse decides he would rather live safely back in his country home than have the city's fine cuisine.

What would you say the moral of the story is? While it does touch on the negative impact of living in fear, we think the main message is that there’s no place like home.

At INOX Artisans, we are dedicated to creating unique flatware designs and one-of-a-kind cheese tools that add to the beauty of your home, regardless of your preferred décor style. And if you're curious about the connection between handcrafted cheese tools and country or city mice, keep reading...

Ratoncito: A multi-functional cheese tool

Ratoncito is a hand-crafted cheese spreader knife designed to resemble a little mouse. A multi-functional cheese tool, it serves as a spreader, knife, and fork - all in one. 

Each set of 4 Ratoncito cheese spreaders arrives packaged in a window box, ready for gift wrapping.

Made from 18/8 stainless steel, the adorable Ratoncito knife is a clever design. The presence of holes in the blade of cheese knives helps the cheese from sticking to it and since this blade has a small surface area, a single hole increases the function of the blade while adding character to the face.

The rounded back of the blade is dull and the curve allows it to spread butter or cream cheese smoothly over the surface of a cracker or baguette slice.

Have you noticed Ratoncito’s pointed ears? One ear is slightly larger than the other and the asymmetric points act like the tines of a fork. Together with the pointed snout, the prongs make it possible to spear pieces of cheese, pickles, or olives.   

The bottom of the blade is for slicing through soft cheeses or for separating larger cheese cubes into bite-size portions.

These clever little mice cheese spreaders are both fun and functional.

Ratoncito Designs

Our skilled artisans craft Ratoncito in our most-loved artisan flatware designs, to complement a wide selection of home interior décor styles.

Whether you're throwing a wine and cheese party with friends in your city loft or serving a cheese platter to guests in your country abode, these distinctive cheese knives shaped like mice will make any occasion memorable.

Jason Ratoncito

This set features polished stainless steel knives with contrasting nascent steel “tails”. The modern profile and organic handles tap into industrial style trends.

Jason Ratoncito cheese spreaders will suit a wide range of tabletop decor styles, including farmhouse, modern cottage, contemporary, rustic, Scandinavian, and traditional.

Additional uses: Add a Ratoncito knife to every table setting during your next pancake or waffle brunch. These knives can serve as a charming set of butter knives. 

Sundance Ratoncito

A perfect complement to the Brandy Green & White Marble Cheese Board, these knives feature rounded organic handles in a warm copper finish. The look is laid-back and elegant and we think this cheese spreader is a perfect complement to a contemporary coastal-themed kitchen or a modern cottage-style dining room. For more of a rustic style affair, complete the look with our  Sundance rustic flatware and other farmhouse tabletop décor.

Additional uses: Following the butter board trend, these cheese spreaders are ideal for scooping up butter, jam, and other toppings onto a cracker, biscuit, or baguette.  

Copper Ridge Ratoncito

Featuring tapered handles with a center ridge, this artisan cheese spreader set brings effortless elegance to a farmhouse, coastal or Southwestern-style kitchen, or dining table.

Additional uses: Surprise your guests with a Tuscan-style olive bar. Ratoncito knives are just what you need for piercing olives for your plate or spreading olive tapenade on pita bread or crostini. 

Twig Ratoncito

Add a fun and artistic touch to your cheese board! These cheese knives have twig-like handles that match our unique burnt black Twig flatware. Twig Ratoncito would make an impressive set of butter knives for a Sunday brunch table in a modern cottage-style breakfast nook. If you enjoy Bohemian or urban-style contemporary settings, then a Twig Ratoncito cheese spreader set would be the perfect housewarming gift.

Celia Ratoncito

Bring a fanciful touch to your next wine and cheese party! Showcasing polished stainless steel mouse knives and contrasting antique copper “tails”, these cheese spreader knives will be your new favorites at all gatherings. The copper handles lend a vintage look, perfect for vintage modern or contemporary chic dining rooms.

Additional uses: Hummus board platters, loaded with olives and nuts are a party favorite. Supply your guests with Ratoncito cheese spreaders to help scoop all that deliciousness on a piece of pita bread or cracker.

Do you love entertaining from home? We hope this round-up of Ratoncito cheese spreader knives will inspire you. And now that you’ve seen what these cheese tools can do, you’ll want to shop our collection for the style that best suits your home. 

Head photo: Belinda Fewings - Unsplash 

Photos: Joseph (Instagram: @gcdolceliving)  Carrie of Pantry To Table

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