Rustic Flatware - Handmade for Living

Rustic Flatware - Handmade for Living

Jul 31, 2023admin

Rustic: 1) Relating to the countryside; rural. 2) Made plainly and simply. “rustic pottery”

Have you noticed that the term "rustic" is used often in home décor and design? It's commonly used to describe everything from farmhouse décor to Tuscan-style living rooms and coastal bedrooms. However, it's important to note that a room doesn't have to fit into any of these specific styles to have a rustic charm. For example, our rustic flatware complements contemporary and transitional spaces.

When it comes to design, the rustic style incorporates natural, rough-hewn, organic, distressed, aged, and casual elements. The dining room is a great place to add rustic touches, and it provides plenty of opportunities to showcase the beauty and simplicity of handcrafted items like our rustic flatware. 

Here are the elements to include to get the rustic look: 

Real wood. From exposed wood beams on the ceiling to planked wood flooring, rustic interiors are all about using natural materials. Still, you don't necessarily need a reclaimed wood farmhouse table to achieve this aesthetic. You can opt for a contemporary wood table with simple lines and thick square legs. Just remember that rustic décor isn’t about perfection, part of the charm of this style is that it embraces imperfections, from weathered and worn furniture to vintage finds. 

Handmade décor. From handcrafted rustic flatware to that wooden bench you found at your local antique store, handmade objects lend rich character to a space.

Texture. The interplay of different textures is part of any rustic room. A rustic table setting, for example, can highlight different wood grains, from a deep brown table top to various light and dark wooden cutting boards used as placemats. Hand-hewn rustic flatware with copper handles adds more textural variety.

Along with rough woods with noticeable grain, brick walls, natural stone fireplaces, and jute or braided rugs contribute to the gritty textural appeal of rustic settings.

Simplicity. While decorators call it rustic design, the focus in a rustic setting is more on the materials used than any design details. Furniture pieces are simple and streamlined and the color palette is natural and earthy.

Floral artwork. Adding floral artwork to a rustic room is an elegant touch, especially if it’s vintage or antique artwork in a weathered wood frame. Flea markets are a great place to find floral oil paintings to elevate the ambiance in your dining room.

Rustic flatware styles for your table

If you're looking to create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your home, rustic interiors can be the perfect choice. Our collection of handmade rustic flatware designs combines modern profiles with vintage-inspired finishes for a unique and timeless quality. These artisan-crafted pieces have slight imperfections that add to their charm and character.

Here’s a look at some of the rustic flatware designs that will add style and personality to your rustic table settings.

The Ridge design features tapered handles with a "pleated" center ridge in nascent stainless steel. With quality craftsmanship throughout, this handmade silverware adds texture and organic appeal to your modern rustic, industrial chic, or farmhouse table setting.

Ridge rustic flatware has tapered handles with a distinct pleated center, in a warm copper finish. From rustic country to modern cottage, this unique copper flatware pattern brings out the best of any dining room décor style.

Broacade Flatware in nascent steel brings a rustic aesthetic to your table setting. Hammered half-circle depressions against square handles give this organic design its distinctive look. 

Jason is an industrial rustic flatware design that features sleek modern lines with tapered square handles. During the forging process some pitting naturally occurs, giving each piece a truly one-of-a-kind look.

Crafted from top-quality stainless steel, our heirloom-quality flatware sets will last for many years. You can choose between ordering a 20-piece rustic flatware set for four place settings or a single place setting that includes a dinner fork, salad fork, large spoon, small spoon, and knife.

Photos courtesy of Carrie of Pantry To Table and Joseph (@gdolceliving/Instagram) 

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