What’s Trending in Housewarming Gifts? Our Top Picks

What’s Trending in Housewarming Gifts? Our Top Picks

Sep 26, 2023Anita MacKenzie

Housewarming parties have been around for a long time. Starting in the 1500s, long before central heating came to be, these gatherings were about warming the new house. Most homes had more than one fireplace; each guest would bring firewood and help build a fire.

If you’ve just moved into a new place and you’re thinking of throwing yourself a housewarming party, you’ll be happy to know that it is proper etiquette to throw yourself a housewarming party. And unless you write “no gifts” on the invite, you can expect guests to bring gifts.


Throughout the years, many countries have come to have traditional housewarming gifts. Bringing bread and salt was popular in Russia and Germany. In Greece, the pomegranate was a traditional housewarming gift for newlyweds.

The pomegranate brings good luck, abundance, and fertility.

Photo by Evie Fjord on Unsplash

An ancient symbol and popular housewarming gift, the pomegranate brings good luck, abundance, and fertility. 

In Uzbekistan, if you lived in a new yurt, it was customary for guests to bring pieces of cloth as a gift. During the 1600s, in Europe and America, pineapples became a popular housewarming gift. This was because pineapples were associated with welcoming travelers from far away, and have since become a symbol of hospitality.

Have you ever heard of a “pounding”? Don't worry, we're not talking about a fistfight! Pounding originated in the Southern United States, by the Quakers in the 16th century. At these housewarming parties, guests would bring food to store away in the larder. These items, namely grain, sugar, flour, and coffee were sold by the pound, thus the name “pounding”. Nowadays, people in the South might still throw an old-fashioned pounding, but the food-related gifts are more likely to be specialty food items like gourmet coffees and teas that the person or couple wouldn't normally buy for themselves.


Storage room for canned goods

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We’ve curated a selection of our top products that are perfect for gifting to new homeowners, and we believe this handcrafted collection will inspire your gift-giving for any occasion.


If you're searching for a perfect housewarming gift for friends who adore cheese, you can't go wrong with a handcrafted item made just for them! We've gathered some of our best charcuterie boards and cheese knife sets, which are sure to be warmly received and appreciated.  

Cupid Marble Wood Round Platter and Jason Cheese Tools 4 Pc. Set

Cupid Marble Wood Round Platter and Jason Cheese Tools 4 Pc. Set

For those who love paddle boards, the Cupid round platter points the way to an eye-pleasing cheese presentation. Hand-carved from white Agra marble with an acacia wood center, it’s the ideal surface space for slicing cheese, fruit, and vegetables. The arrow-like wood center adds a creative touch to your charcuterie boards, acting like a rim or framework for arranging cheese and cured meats. And like all of our marble and wood boards for charcuterie, this round platter comes with evenly dispersed felt pads on the bottom to keep it in place and protect surfaces. 

We paired Cupid with our 4 pc. Jason Cheese Tools Set. The Jason collection mixes raw nascent steel handles with mirror-polished utensils for a rustic industrial look. The cheese knife set includes a pronged cheese knife, cheese spreader, Stilton scoop, and a cheese planer/knife. From Stilton to Gouda, these cheese tools have everything your cheese-loving hosts will need to slice, spread, scoop, and serve a variety of cheeses. 

Piera White and Gray Marble Paddle Board  and Sundance Cheese Accessories 4 Pc. Set

Piera White and Gray Marble Paddle Board  and Sundance Cheese Accessories 4 Pc. Set

The diagonal gray stripe of the artisan-crafted Piera White and Gray Marble board commands attention. With its square silhouette, the Piera is both modern and elegant. A leather strap lets you hang it when not in use. 

When hosting a party, charcuterie boards with cured meats, cheese, and olives are a must-have. The Sundance Cheese Accessories 4-Pc Set can help you serve it all up in style. Featuring gently tapered handles in antique copper, this cheese knife set includes versatile cheese tools that go beyond the board. The two-prong fork is perfect for picking up pre-cut pieces of cheese, pickles, olives, or even fruit. The cheese spreader is for spreading savory spreads and chutneys on crusty bread or crackers. Each piece is hand-forged from 18/8 stainless steel and the set comes wrapped in a soft, eco-friendly cotton cloth for protection and presentation.

Brandy Green & White Marble Cheese Board and Copper Ridge Ratoncito Cheese Spreader/Knife Set

Brandy Green & White Marble Cheese Board and Copper Ridge Ratoncito Cheese Spreader/Knife Set

The Brandy marble cutting board is a beautiful piece crafted from green and white marble. It has rounded edges and a leather strap for hanging. For a complete gift, pair it with hand-forged stainless steel Ratoncito cheese spreaders with antique copper “tails.” These cheese spreaders are both functional and fun and will add style and texture to any cheese or charcuterie board. The Ratoncito cheese knives come in a set of four. Packaged in a window box, these cheese spreader knives make a lovely gift for a housewarming or any occasion.

Individual Mini Cheese Balls on Brandy Green & White Marble Cheese Boardese-balls

At 12” x 8” inches, the Brandy Green & White Marble Cheese Board is just the right size for serving these mini cheese balls. Why not include the recipe and ingredients as part of your housewarming gift? 


If your host or hosts love to cook, we have handmade marble kitchen tools to match even the most discerning culinarian's taste. 

Primrose Green Marble Mortar & Pestle

Primrose Green Marble Mortar & Pestle 

This beautiful green and white marble mortar-and-pestle set is handmade in India from Agra marble. An essential culinary tool for releasing aromas and flavors from fresh herbs and spices, the Primrose marble mortar has a smooth polished exterior and an unpolished bowl for great looks and superior results.  

Salerno Salt Cellar

Salero Marble Salt Cellar with Lid

Have you ever watched professional chefs at work? If so, you may have noticed that they prefer to grab a pinch of salt and season the food from a higher distance. This technique isn’t to show off their skills but to ensure even distribution of the seasoning. When the salt is sprinkled from a higher distance, it spreads more evenly, and the food won't require as much stirring to distribute the seasoning evenly. 

Whether your host is a frequent user of salt or not, you can trust the Salero Marble Salt Cellar with Lid will enhance their seasoning experience. Crafted by hand from marble, this exquisite white salt cellar comes with a lid that helps preserve the freshness of the salt when not in use. It is perfect for sprinkling a pinch of salt when needed. 

Salerno Salt Cellar with Lid Removed

The Salero Marble Salt Cellar with Lid is a top choice for a housewarming gift especially when paired with a good sea salt. 

Housewarming Gifts for the Baker 

We all seem to have that friend or relative who loves to get in the kitchen and bake. They find it relaxing, almost therapeutic. And one of the most enjoyable aspects is watching others enjoy the delicious cakes and pies. 

Our collections include handmade cake server sets and pastry forks, ideal for serving delicious desserts. Many customers tell us that our cake server sets play a part in the wedding reception when the bride and groom cut the wedding cake. Along with making great wedding gifts, we think these sets make wonderful housewarming gifts. 

Celia 2 Pc. Cake Serving Set and Sundance Pastry Forks

Celia 2 Pc. Cake Serving Set and Sundance Pastry Forks make the party special.

Showcasing mirror-polished utensils and antique copper handles, these hand-forged pieces add a touch of rustic flair to everyday desserts or special occasions. Our traditional pastry or pie forks have three tines, with a wider, thinner left tine. This is so your guests can hold their plate with one hand while cutting pastry with the fork edge. Our cake serving sets come with a knife and serving spatula and pastry forks come in sets of four. 

Thank you for checking out our small curated group of gift ideas. We hope it has inspired you! We have so much more to offer, whether you're looking for housewarming gifts, holiday presents, or just shopping for your home. 

Photo credits: Carrie of Pantry to Table 

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