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Table Setting Tips for Summer Time

Table Setting Tips for Summer Time

Posted by Dhruv Maloo on 2022 Jun 20th

Summer brings a plethora of chances for entertaining family and friends, whether it's an outdoor get-together or a festive celebration. And, if you're a design aficionado, it's an opportunity to get creative with your decor selections, particularly for summer party decorations.

Summer entertaining is so easy: the cuisine may be basic, with grilled meats and loads of fruit; there are infinite cool beverages to mix, and the easygoing vacation feelings make every guest carefree. Summer entertaining is one of our favorites!

Just because you're having a laid-back summer get-together doesn't mean your tablescape to be boring. This is the season for a colorful, cheerful table laden with flowers, fruit, and lovely silverware. Here are some tips and tricks to jazz up your summertime get-togethers.

Best Flatware Sets

  • Use items you already have in your house. Summer get-togethers are always fun but they don't have to be stressful. Grab any of your best flatware sets and gather all your vibrant serving utensils, and embrace the laid-back vibe. We have a few mismatched sets of melamine plates, so we just stack them and put them on the table. We don't always get the same results, but that's part of the fun. When it comes to creating a lovely summer table, never underestimate the power of bright colors and exciting patterns!
  • Have fun with your vegetation. Summer is hectic, and who has time to dash to the store at the last minute to pick up some fresh flowers? We took one of the houseplants outside and dropped it down on the table; it offered some fantastic color and texture and cost nothing. You could also gather all of your potted plants and bunch them up on the table for a casual, organic look. You can pick some fresh flowers from your yard (or your neighbor's – shh! ), trim some branches off of a pretty tree, or simply gather all of your potted plants and bunch them up on the table for a casual, organic look. Whatever you do, don't worry about filling the table with expensive, fresh-cut flowers; use what you have. Everything looks good alongside your favorite flatware from the best flatware brands.

  • Make use of a lot of candles. Soft lighting creates a delightful atmosphere for an outdoor event, and citronella candles have the bonus of keeping annoying mosquitos at bay! You can have some lovely flameless candles and tall glass lanterns that contain tea lights. Just be careful to not leave the candles out too long or they'll melt. But as they're simple to bring out for the evening and toss back inside when we're finished, they make for a perfect accessory. You can also hang some beautiful string lights if you have an outlet nearby.
  • For centerpieces, think outside the box. Now, we would never completely forego fresh flowers or greenery on a summer tabletop, but they don't have to take center stage all of the time. Utilizing summer fruits as an accent or taking center stage at the table is a refreshing change. You can go all out with a cut fruit display or keep it simple with a citrus-filled crystal bowl alongside some best flatware sets.
  • Don't be afraid of design or color. We've previously mentioned it, but we believe that the more color and design you can incorporate into your summer tablescapes, the better. The neutral backdrop of outside spaces (green grass!) is fantastic. It's easy to incorporate a pattern and bright colors without dominating the area (plenty of texture!). However, to bring a contrast, you can also use black flatware.

    Black Flatware

  • One of the most enjoyable aspects of preparing a summer meal is mixing and matching tableware. Multiple patterns come into play when we want to create a layered aesthetic that feels curated but not overly coordinated. We had a lot of fun mixing this bright paisley linen with these antique china salad plates. Even though the patterns are so dissimilar, the colors work well together.
  • Finally, try to keep food and drinks in separate areas. We love to put all of the food on the table method when hosting dinners in our house since it feels so comfortable and allows people to easily grab extra food if they want it. If you carry all of the food to the table outside, though, you're much more likely to bring the flies with you. When it comes to putting a summer table, you want to add lots of colors and be stress-free. You can add the bling of gold flatware to zest up the things. Get creative, utilize what you’ve got, and use it to have fun!

    Gold Flatware

Bottom line, creating a summer tablescape is not as difficult as you may be expecting. All you need is some things to add a vibrant effect and maybe a charm to the table. And, all this can be achieved with the products you already have at your home.

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