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Monaco Crescent Side Table
Monaco Crescent Side Table
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Silver Antique Hummingbird Rustic Wall Hook Rack
Silver Patina Flying Pig Rustic Wall Hook Rack
Copper Reindeer Rustic Wall Hook Rack
Brass Antique Pig Rustic Wall Hook Rack
Silver Antique Sitting Dog Rustic Wall Hook Rack
Copper Antique Scorpio Rustic Wall Hook Rack

About our HOME DECOR

Want to give your home an upgrade of coziness? Our growing collection of home décor and decorative accents will make a big impact on the look and feel of your home.

Home Décor Ideas

When it comes to home décor it can be difficult to know where to start. Not sure how to get started? Here are some tips for developing your home décor style:

Pick a theme. One of the most common ways to get started is to pick a topic, hobby or theme that you particularly like. If you love spending time at the beach every summer, why not create the same vibe at home to enjoy year-round?

Not sure you want to adopt the look throughout your home? Start by decorating your bathroom in a beachy theme. Find whimsical items like mermaid towels and decorative seashell soaps.

Choose a color palette. If working with a theme isn’t your style, why not work with your favorite colors? If blue and white is a favorite color combo, start with neutral walls and add blue and white decorative accents. Add some blue and white ceramic vases to a bookshelf or mantel.

Create a look around a particular era or an interior decorating style that you love. If you love boho style, start collecting colorful, textured pieces. Or if you want to keep things minimalist, add a few neutral-colored cushions and throws.

Get inspired! Sometimes a conversation piece, like an eye-catching abstract artwork or a vintage area rug can capture your imagination and be the jumping-off point for an entire look.

House Plants

Whether real or faux, house plants create a certain mood that enhances your home’s appearance.

Our metal planters on stands are ideal for growing your favorite greens. Because of their height, they make the perfect home for trailing vines.

With a glossy gold finish, Gracie 3-Piece Round Planters with Stands will make a statement in an entryway, hallway, or home office.

Ceramic Vases

Another way to bring a space to life is with colorful ceramic vases. Fill them with dried or faux branches for a year-round look or add some cut flowers from the garden for a fresh springtime vibe.

Along with ceramic vases in many color palettes, our collection of handmade metal vases in gold add a warm glow to a shelf or tabletop.

Wall Shelving

From displaying a few of your favorite things to storing books and other items, wall shelving adds charm to any space.

Crafted of metal and wood, our collection of wall shelves features triangle and diamond shapes for an artistic look in a living room or bedroom.

Wood and Metal Side Tables

Sometimes all it takes is a small table to bring charm to a space. Our wood and metal side tables showcase thick walnut-stained shelves on an antique gold metal frame. A round handle lets you pick up the table and move it to wherever it’s needed most.

Do you feel like home décor is a never-ending job and your home doesn’t feel finished? Put on your stylist’s thinking cap and look around your home. Does your coffee table look lonely? Collect a few objects that are special to you and group them together to create a unique vignette. 

Little touches can often be all that’s needed to give your home a stylish, finished look.