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About our Black

Black flatware - invite drama to the table

Designers will tell you that every room needs at least a few pieces in the color black to ground the space. Black is elegant and timeless and works with every color under the sun. At INOX Artisans we think of our black flatware as bringing a sense of drama to your table setting.

White dinnerware combined with black flatware gives the dining table a crisp, modern aesthetic. Imagine a white soup tureen and pure white bowls with distinctive black table spoons. Talk about a pop of personality! Or picture white floral plates flanked with our Twig flatware set, with its twig-like handles and diagonal cut ends in burnt black. No doubt adding black flatware brings style and sophistication to your table settings.

Are you fond of rustic-looking cutlery? Then, Ridge flatware is perfect for you. The tapered handles and center “pleated” ridge of our Ridge black flatware add a rustic element to the table. It is versatile and complements many different home decor styles such as modern farmhouse, industrial chic, and cottage core.

While black stainless steel flatware will make a statement in your dining room, decorating other rooms in your home with the color can have a big impact. Try adding a trio of modern black metal planters like our Libby 3-Piece Black Metal Planters on Stands to your foyer or living room. Plants and greenery always bring a room to life and the black planters will ground the space.

Our wood and black iron shelves add visual depth and interest to a room while providing display and storage opportunities.

Feng Shui and black flatware

The color black symbolizes power, strength, mystery, and wealth. Since black is such a powerful color, Feng Shui practitioners recommend adding it to a space, gradually.

In the living room, you can start by painting an accent wall black or include some black furniture like a chair or coffee table. If that still seems overwhelming, opt for adding black in smaller accent items like picture frames, cushions, and clocks.

If you want to attract wealth, Feng Shui experts suggest incorporating black in pairs, such as pairs of tables, chairs, or cushions. Adding black to your workspace is another positive way to attract wealth.

A good strategy to incorporate black into your home decor is to start with small items and then work your way up. For example, you could add black decorative items in the living room, a black desk lamp in your home office, or black artisanal flatware set in the kitchen. This will help add a touch of elegance to your home without overwhelming the space. By sticking to small items, you can also maintain the positive energy of your living spaces.

Reasons to decorate your home with black home décor

Black is a classic color that evokes elegance, drama, and timeless style. You should include black items in your décor because black:

  • Goes with everything
  • Makes a bold statement
  • Can make a room look sleek and modern
  • Anchors the room together
  • Ties two spaces together to create a flow
  • Brings instant luxury to any space

You don’t need wall-to-wall black in a room for a dramatic result. Whether you want to create an elegant table setting or you want to add a sleek modern accent to a space, black flatware, and black home décor will always enhance any room.