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ABOUT Cake & Pastry

Celebrating a birthday or special occasion? Our selection of cake & pastry serveware includes everything you need to slice and serve cakes, pies, and pastries. Designed to harmonize with our flatware patterns or to stand out with distinction, our serving sets bring elegance to your dessert table.

Crafted from high-quality 18/8 stainless steel from sources, these specialty items are balanced for performance and made to last for years to come.  

2-PC Cake Serving Sets

We love to leave room for dessert and cake is always a favorite. From a homemade angel food cake to a bakery-bought cheesecake, to anything in between, if you want to serve your guests a beautiful piece of cake, you’ll need the right tools.

Birthday cakes often come custom-made in unique themes, like Alice in Wonderland, a teddy bear picnic, favorite fairytales, and princess castles. You’ll want to use a 2-pc cake serving set to serve up neat wedges and place them on a plate.

Let’s not forget the pie! There’s pumpkin pie, icebox pie, and mom’s homemade apple pie. Cutting a pie can be a delicate procedure and our serving sets let you scoop triangle-shaped pie pieces easily from the pie plate to the dessert plate.

You don’t have to be an avid baker to keep a 2-pc cake serving set in your kitchen. Most home cooks soon realize how handy these utensils are for serving savory meat pies, loaves, casseroles, and lasagna. 

Our 2-pc cake serving sets come with a knife and spatula, just the thing for cutting and serving pies and cakes. A unique wedding shower gift, these sets can be used on the wedding day and beyond for many years of celebrations.

And for those who want to gift something more elaborate, our Copper Antique 8 Pc. Cake Server and Pastry Forks Set come with a knife, spatula, and a matching set of 6 pastry forks.

Handmade Mango Wood Cake Stands

The cake stand had its debut in the late Victorian times when afternoon tea came into fashion. To draw attention to the cake, a stand presented the cake at a higher level than other items on the table. Early cake stands often had multiple tiers and a hooped handle on top for carrying.

Our handmade mango wood cake stands feature circular tops that rest on a pedestal base. It makes a lovely centerpiece for birthdays and other special occasions and brings a modern rustic look to your everyday kitchen décor.

Is a cake stand only for cake? Not at all! Many bakeries use a cake stand to display freshly made cupcakes, macarons, and other delicious baked goods.

When not used for cake, a cake stand can become a decorative coffee bar. Top it with a few great-looking coffee mugs, a sugar bowl, and some spoons for a stylish display. Use a cake stand near the sink to organize hand soap, scrub brushes, and a scented candle. Cake stands make a lovely elevated mini herb garden. Keep rosemary, thyme, and basil in decorative pots, ready to add to our favorite recipes.

Pastry Fork Sets

Pastry or pie forks are unique utensils with three tines. On the left, one tine is wider and flatter than the others. Designed so that guests who may not be sitting at a table can hold their plate with one hand on their lap while cutting pastry with the fork edge, pastry forks are a wonderful addition to your flatware collection.

Our pastry forks come in a set of 4 for those who love to serve desserts in style!

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