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About our Shelves

Wall shelves add storage and display opportunities to your home. In an entryway, bracket shelves with hanging rods are ideal. The top shelf holds baskets or boxes for keys and winter gloves. With hooks, the rod becomes a handy place for hanging scarves, handbags, and hats.

When it comes to creating an organized and visually pleasing space, you can’t go wrong with our wood and metal wall shelves. Our selection includes 2 and 3-shelf units, with unique diamond and triangle shelves.

Styling your shelves is a great way to give your home personality. Like any home decorating, there are no set rules for styling shelves. Still, if having wall shelves is a new thing for you, here are some tips for making the most of your wall shelving.

What to store on wall shelving

When you first add wall shelving to a room, you may be at a loss at what items to place on them. Take a look around your home for items that you might like to display, like candles, ceramic vases, small sculptures and artwork, baskets for stowing items, trays, or even some framed photos. Don’t overthink it, just gather items you like and put them together in a pile.

Once everything is gathered, it’s time to see what works together. For interest, have a mix of items in different heights, textures, and shapes.

Go for symmetry

Not sure how to start styling your wall shelves? Most designers will tell you to start with the tallest or largest items. Tall items tend to look best when placed at the ends of the shelf. Start with the tallest items and then work your way towards the middle, varying the height and size of each item.

What about in the kitchen when glassware tends to be the same height? Intersperse ceramic mugs with glassware for dimension and visual interest, and arrange tall glasses next to shorter mugs on your kitchen wall shelf.

In an office, stacking books or magazines can add height to shelf ends. Want to draw attention to an interesting object d’art? Placing it on top of a stack of books tells the eye to “look over here.”

Don’t forget color

While you’ll want your wall shelving to have a unified color scheme, don’t be afraid to add pops of color. In the dining room, you might have a collection of blue and white bowls. Why not add a pair of bright yellow vases alongside for a dynamic display?

Stick with odd numbers

Odd numbers are more pleasing to the human eye than even numbers, so go ahead and add that third item to a pair of candlesticks. Place tall and large items towards the back in a grouping. For example an art print with a small vase and keep things in clusters with spaces in between.

Side tables with shelves

Our 2-Tiered Side Tables are another great way to store and display candles and decorative items. Place one beside a favorite easy chair to hold a book, a snack, and a drink. These lovely metal and wood tables have a handle so they go where needed when guests drop by.

At INOX, we know that hanging decorative wood and metal wall shelves can help organize and elevate your entire home. Our selection of handmade shelving and 2-tiered side table selection has something to suit any design style and budget.