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About our Vases

Home décor gives your home a pop of personality and decorative artisan vases are one of the easiest ways to make a space come alive.

One of the best parts about choosing a textured ceramic vase from our selection is that they are handmade by real artisans. Vases show off your fresh-cut flowers from the garden or a few curly willow branches or plumes of pampas grass plumes. A single vase adds visible and tactile texture which adds dimension to shelving and any flat surface.

Does your home have mostly white walls? A white background is a perfect background for colorful decorative vases.

Our speckled vase collection comes in many colorways, with brown, green, blue and white highlights. Use your room’s color palette to help you choose the right color combinations.

How to decorate with vases

  • Line them up. The organic shapes of our handmade ceramic vases can create an artful display on your fireplace mantle or shelf. Display different shaped and sized vases as a permanent display that you can update with whatever blooms are in season.

  • Create a centerpiece. Nothing makes a statement quite like a large vase brimming with a beautiful floral arrangement. Our modern brass vases come in many styles, from a compote bowl with a trio of tapered legs to a tall cylindrical silhouette. Each design showcases an antique gold finish to elevate the look of a modern dining room or kitchen breakfast nook.

  • Top an entryway console or dining room sideboard. Dress the console with a vase or two alongside some favorite objets d’art and family photos. A tabletop vignette just doesn’t seem complete without an eye-pleasing vase brimming with a touch of nature.

  • Add interest to an empty corner. Arranging a trio of vases in different shapes and heights will add instant sculptural appeal to a simple table. Create height by adding long branches to a tall, cylindrical vase.

Shopping for a vase today? Whether you want a single vase or an assortment of handmade ceramic vases, our decorative artisan vase collection has something for every design style, from rustic to elegant.