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Taking inspiration from the old ways of India, we bring thought-provoking and one off design pieces to life. We take pride in our craftsmanship which has been handed down for generations by hardworking artisans who live a sparse life making their living through hours honing skills so they can create something that will never be forgotten or made again because it's unique just like them!

They're not just our extended family; they are the people who make up this company. We live by principles to prioritize their welfare and uplift social lives, which means that we work tirelessly with them in order for them be equipped at scaling as well as improving global reach while also helping improve local economic conditions through fair practices. We promote youth education – both formal schooling systems or skills training programs like carpentry workshops where young minds can develop creative abilities necessary when dealing professionally outside one's country

We work hard to ensure that every product leaves our factory meets the same high standards it came in with. Our India team checks up on them weekly, runs production tests at each step of their process (stamping, forging etc.) and then randomizes those inspections by third party lab providers for quality assurance purposes after they're complete!

We take quality seriously and we're committed to delivering world-class standards. That's why on average, 1 out of every 15 pieces is reworked with the artisans group; not only does this help us maintain customer trust but also ensures they get exactly what was ordered - so there are no surprises when it arrives at your doorstep! Every order follows uniform process which means you can rest assured knowing that even if something gets damaged during shipment (which happens sometimes), our team will fix or replace any defective items free.

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