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"From metal forgers in Moradabad, wood carvers in Saharanpur, to families of master marble crafters in Agra, our artisan partnerships span across India and generations" - Vijay Maheshwari, CEO & Founder 

Taking inspiration from the old ways of India, we bring thought-provoking and one off design pieces to life. We take pride in our craftsmanship which has been handed down for generations by hardworking artisans who live a sparse life making their living through hours honing skills so they can create something that will never be forgotten or made again because it's unique just like them!

They're not just our extended family; they are the people who make up this company. We live by principles to prioritize their welfare and uplift social lives, which means that we work tirelessly with them in order for them be equipped at scaling as well as improving global reach while also helping improve local economic conditions through fair practices. We promote youth education – both formal schooling systems or skills training programs like carpentry workshops where young minds can develop creative abilities necessary when dealing professionally outside one's country.



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